Salicylic acid peels are a popular choice for those looking to improve their skin, especially when dealing with acne, blackheads, or oily skin. This treatment helps by removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and reducing inflammation. It’s great for people with acne-prone or congested skin, as it can lead to a clearer complexion by getting rid of excess oil. Salicylic acid is also gentle enough for sensitive skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Dermatologists or skincare professionals usually perform this treatment, adjusting the strength based on individual needs. Following post-treatment care, like using sunscreen, is crucial for best results and to avoid side effects like redness or dryness.

Glycolic peels are a popular way to give your skin a fresh and radiant look. By using glycolic acid, these peels exfoliate and revitalize your skin. They work by removing dead skin cells, clearing out pores, and boosting collagen production. This results in smoother, brighter, and more even-toned skin. Glycolic peels are great for treating acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dullness. They can be done at a skincare clinic and the intensity of the peel can be adjusted based on the concentration of glycolic acid used. With minimal downtime and noticeable improvements, glycolic peels are a fantastic choice for achieving a rejuvenated complexion.

A lactic peel is a type of chemical peel that uses lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from milk, to exfoliate the skin. It works by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to be sloughed off and revealing fresher, smoother skin underneath. Lactic peels are known for being gentler than other chemical peels, making them suitable for sensitive skin. They can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and help with hyperpigmentation. Typically, lactic peels are performed in a series of treatments for optimal results, with minimal downtime and side effects.

A Mandelic Peel treatment is a type of chemical peel that utilizes mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from bitter almonds. This treatment is known for its gentle exfoliating properties, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Mandelic acid works by accelerating cell turnover, helping to unclog pores, reduce acne, improve skin texture, and diminish hyperpigmentation. Due to its larger molecular structure compared to other AHAs, mandelic acid penetrates the skin more slowly, minimizing irritation and providing a more controlled exfoliation process. This makes Mandelic Peel treatments an excellent choice for those seeking a mild yet effective skin rejuvenation option.

Phenol Peel treatment is a highly effective cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin by addressing deep wrinkles, severe sun damage, and pigmentation issues. This intensive chemical peel involves the application of phenol, a powerful exfoliating agent, which deeply penetrates the skin layers to promote significant cell turnover and collagen production. As a result, it can deliver dramatic improvements in skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. Due to its potency, phenol peels are typically recommended for fair-skinned individuals and require a longer recovery period compared to milder peels. This treatment is usually performed by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to ensure optimal results and safety.

The Jessner Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel designed to improve skin texture and tone by exfoliating the outer layers of skin. It combines three potent ingredients: salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol, which work together to treat a variety of skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. This peel is suitable for most skin types and can provide noticeable results with minimal downtime, making it a popular choice for those seeking a rejuvenated and radiant complexion.

The Melaz Peel treatment is a specialized skin care procedure designed to address pigmentation issues, including melasma, sun spots, and uneven skin tone. Utilizing a blend of potent active ingredients, the peel works by exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, promoting cell turnover, and reducing the appearance of dark spots. Ideal for individuals seeking a brighter, more even complexion, the Melaz Peel is known for its efficacy in achieving significant improvements with minimal downtime. This treatment is suitable for various skin types and offers a safe, effective solution for achieving radiant, clear skin.

A Party Peel is a type of cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin quickly, providing a radiant and refreshed appearance suitable for special occasions. This minimally invasive procedure involves applying a specially formulated chemical solution to the skin, which exfoliates the outermost layer, removing dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth. The result is a smoother, brighter complexion with reduced fine lines, improved texture, and a healthy glow. Party Peels are popular for their immediate effects and minimal downtime, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking to look their best for events like parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

The Pumpkin Peel treatment is a rejuvenating facial procedure that harnesses the natural benefits of pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Rich in vitamins A and C, this treatment effectively removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and promotes a radiant complexion. Ideal for addressing concerns such as dullness, uneven texture, and signs of aging, the Pumpkin Peel leaves the skin looking fresh, smooth, and revitalized. Suitable for most skin types, it’s a popular choice for those seeking a natural and gentle approach to skincare.

Yellow Peel is a cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. It is a type of chemical peel that uses a combination of active ingredients, including retinoic acid, phytic acid, kojic acid, azelaic acid, and other botanical extracts, to exfoliate the skin and promote cell turnover. This treatment helps reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars while enhancing overall skin tone and texture. The Yellow Peel is known for its effectiveness and minimal downtime, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking a brighter, more youthful complexion. It is typically administered by a dermatologist or licensed skincare professional and may require multiple sessions for optimal results.

The Cosmelan Peel is a professional depigmentation treatment designed to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the skin. It is highly effective for melasma, sun spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The treatment works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is crucial for melanin production. The process involves applying a mask in a clinic, followed by a home care routine to enhance and maintain results. Patients typically experience a significant reduction in pigmentation, leading to a more even, radiant complexion. The Cosmelan Peel is suitable for all skin types and offers a comprehensive solution to stubborn pigmentation issues.


Success Peel is an advanced skincare treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin through a specialized chemical peeling process. This treatment targets common skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars by promoting cellular turnover and revealing a fresher, more radiant complexion. Utilizing a unique blend of exfoliating acids and nourishing ingredients, Success Peel not only enhances skin texture and tone but also stimulates collagen production for long-term anti-aging benefits. Suitable for various skin types, this peel offers a safe and effective solution for achieving smoother, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.

A TCA peel (Trichloroacetic Acid peel) is a type of chemical peel used to improve the appearance of the skin by removing the outer layers. This procedure is commonly used to treat skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. The strength of TCA peels can vary, allowing for different depths of skin penetration, which means they can be customized based on the specific needs of the patient. After the peel, the skin will peel and flake off over several days, revealing fresher, rejuvenated skin underneath. It is important to follow post-procedure care instructions to ensure proper healing and avoid complications.